Tablo: Who’s your favorite uncle from Big Bang?

Haru: *without hesitation* Uncle Jiyongie!

Tablo: Didn’t you say that Uncle Taeyang is your favorite?

Haru: That when I was a baby!

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Tablo for Singles

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Tablo also tweeted this on January 29th !


Tablo also tweeted this on January 29th !

If we made the first album again I wouldn’t call us a hip-hop group. That felt like a bridle and was really suffocating. Of course when we do hip hop, we confidently do hip hop. If hip hop fans listened to that song, I think they would think we were a hip hop group. Because of 1, they judged 99. The people who liked our emotional songs defined us in their own way. Each conception of Epik High is so different that no matter what, it doesn’t matter to us. But worrying about making music that will be loved by both is really difficult. If I went back to the past I think I would say that we’re a pop group, but that we have confidence in doing rap and hip hop well (laughs). From the beginning it wasn’t something that we said. A lot of qualifiers about us being hip hop warriors stuck (laughs).
— Tablo , on Epik High’s musical style  - ELLE Interview  [translated by emily] read the full interview here  

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